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Paphos Walk

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Every Thursday

In an effort to get visitors acquainted with Pafos Town Centre (Ktima), which is the newest part of the city of Pafos as opposed to New Pafos, the ancient Hellenistic and Roman Capital of Cyprus, the Municipality of Pafos would like to invite everyone to visit Pafos Town Centre (Ktima) and get to know this part of Pafos, incorrectly considered as merely a shopping area.

The walking tour Strolling around Pafos Town Centre (Ktima) aims to provide an overall picture of Pafos and how Pafos October 2012 16 Town Centre evolved and developed from the late Byzantine and Medieval times to what as it was called until recently Κtima. The Pafos Town Centre (Ktima) is associated with the local everyday life of the population. For the Pafians though, Pafos Town Centre (Ktima) has so much more to it….

Through historic references, linked with some very important historic phases including Medieval, Ottoman, British and modern times; one will ‘walk’ into the past but will also get better acquainted with the commercial centre of Pafos. The walk is led by a licensed CTO qualified guide. It lasts about two and a half hours, including a half-hour break for refreshments. Starting point: CTO Information Office, 3 Gladstonos Str. Time: 10:00 Free guiding and participation

Booking in advance is necessary Offered by the Pafos Municipality in collaboration with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association.
Organised by the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association in collaboration with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. For further information and bookings please contact 26932841.

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