Helios Bay Hotel
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  • Sunset at Helios bay hotel
  • New modern Kitchen
  • Sandy Beach between Coral Bay and Paphos, next to the Helios Bay Hotel
    Sandy Beach next to the Helios Bay Hotel
    This Sandy Beach is located 100 meters in front of the Helios Bay Hotel. It is a public beach for swimmers.
  • Helios Aerial photos and grounds
  • 2-bedroom bathroom
  • low resolution11
  • Living room 2-bedroom
  • Helios bay hotel sunset
  • Helios hotel bedroom
    Helios bay Hotel one-bedroom
  • DSC_1801
  • Sea view sunset at Sandy Beach by Helios Bay Hotel Paphos
    Sea view sunset at the Sandy Beach in front of the Hotel
    Guests swimming at the Sandy Beach by the Helios Bay Hotel
  • Aerial photo swimming pool
  • Helios living room
    Living room
  • Helios Bay Hotel Coral Bay in Paphos Cyprus
    View of the Helios Bay Swimming Pool
    The Helios Bay features gardens stretching down to the Mediterranean Sea
  • Big gardens
  • Helios Bay Swimming Pool, Sea View, Gardens
    Helios Bay Swimming Pool and View of Sea
    Aerial View of the Helios Bay Swimming Pool, gardens and view to the sea
  • Swimming pool and gardens
  • Drone View of the Helios Bay Hotel Paphos - Coral Bay
    Aerial View of the Helios Bay Hotel - Drone
    We recently took some drone photos of the Helios Bay Hotel, allowing us to show the magnificent views and location of the Hotel
  • Helios studio
  • Helios sunset
  • Swimming pool at Helios
  • Helios bay swimming pool
  • Swimming pool
  • Sunset
  • Night time
  • Pool bar

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Rooms – Studio Photo Gallery


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