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Fishing in Pafos has always been an exciting sport and is becoming more and more popular all the time. Fishing can also be enjoyed at dams, all found in beautiful natural surroundings, providing excellent fresh-water fishing opportunities to anglers. Cypriots and visitors are invited to enjoy this sport.

Today, the water in the dams is classified as very rich and there is a wide variety of fish. A special licence at a small fee is available from the Fisheries Department, telephone + 357 26240268 .

Also anyone who wants to test his fishing prowess can try the beautiful sandy beaches around Pafos. No licence is required for salt water rod fishing.

Spear-fishing (without aqualung) angling, fishing with vertical lines or trolling are the permitted methods for which no licence is required.

Special (sport) fishing licences are required by law for those fishermen who use:
- Boats and fishing-nets, longlines and traps,
- Spearguns with an aqualung
- Spearguns with lights at night-without aqualung
- Nets without a boat.

The licences have several conditions attached to them that regulate the gear used, the days, the licensees are allowed to fish and in certain cases (spearguns with aqualung and fishing at night with light), the allowable catches for each fishing trip.

Species of fish which can be caught: sea-breams, groupers, amber jacks, sea-perch etc.