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Our COVID-19 Policy

Our commitment to health and safety at the Helios Bay Hotel

In March 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit Europe and changed the world. In Cyprus, we were locked down until May, but we operating in the summer of 2020 and thus developed an active COVID-19 health policy. 

Our COVID-19 Health Policy is based on: 

  • Regulations issued by the Cyprus Ministry of Health 

  • Regulations issued by the World Health Organisation, the World Travel Organisation and the World Travel and Tourism Council. 

The following measures apply when checking in an staying at the Helios Bay Hotel:

a. Staff Health and Hygiene

All staff are expected to wear face masks and in some cases hand gloves and other personal protective equipment. Face masks are changed regularly and antiseptic cream are available for staff and guests. 

b. Check In 

Our check in area is cleaned regularly with antiseptic cleaning equipment. Emphasis is given on areas with high guest interactions, such as the check in desk, doors and bathrooms. 

c. Antiseptic Cream

Antiseptic cream is available throughout the hotel, including the hotel room. 

d. Maximum Number of People Allowed Indoors

The Ministry of Health recommends a limit of people seated indoors and outdoors. This number changes based on the severity of the pandemic in Cyprus and the local conditions set by the government. 

e. Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating at the Pool Bar and Swimming Pool is configured to account for maximum seating as well as social distancing between tables, and at the same table. 

f. Buffet Operations

All buffet operations are suspended. Breakfast service continues based on social distancing and regular cleaning. Guests may choose to have breakfast in their rooms (at their own initiative). 

g. Towels, Beach Chairs, Swimming Pool, Gym

All towels and beach chairs are regularly washed and disinfected as is the swimming pool and gym. 

h. Room Cleaning 

All rooms are cleaned daily except Sunday, and are disinfected. Between guests (room turnovers), the rooms are cleaned more extensively and disinfected. 

Additional measures comply with the CDC Guidelines for Hotel Operations, available here. 

If you have further questions, or if you are a guest at the Helios Bay Hotel and would like to recommend further steps or suggestions, please contact us

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